17 December 2013

India Love . . . 3, 2, 1: Old Delhi.

Okay, India: I am completely in love with you and I wanna have your babies!! Today was absolutely incredible! My head almost exploded at least 1,000 times. My day started out by walking up to the tiny village up the street from where I live to find tweezers. After visiting 3 stores that sold vaguely similar products and drawing tweezers 3 different times, I finally found a man that had them. It was hilarious: after I drew out the tweezers on a scrap piece of paper for him, he pointed to his eyebrow and played like he was plucking out a hair. I clapped, jumped up and down, and then purchased the tweezers for about 45 cents. After lunch I took off to Old Delhi, riding the train. I went to the spice market, climbed up to the roof and was absolutely in awe. It was peaceful and beautiful at sunset. We were gazing down on all of the hustle and bustle. Then we took a pedicab throughout all of the tiny streets that make up Old Delhi. It felt sort of like Rome or Hogwarts. There were all of these twists and turns, some of the paths were only two or three people wide. And everything was brick, with entrances to various paths created with these really gorgeous archways. It was crowded and loud and energetic! And there was color everywhere . . . Brightly colored spices, sarees, papers, copper tools. It was amazing. We ate this white fluffy goodness from a street vendor and watched as people haggled for bags of rice or cashews. Men carrying seemingly heavy boxes and boxes of paper goods would make their way down the street right through the middle of traffic, cars honking and motorbikes weaving. My heart felt like it did the first time I went to New York City: there is a vibration that runs through this city that is incredible and infectious. This place makes me believe in magic carpets and wish-granting lamps. I need to live here and become one with this majestic place. Tomorrow I am accompanying a friend to a bridal blessing. Oh my goodness, so much is happening . . . More soon!

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