30 April 2010

Congratulations, Robert!

After some deliberation, the Chase Street Garden gets growing!! My classmate Robert Fitzgerald spearheaded this greening opportunity in East Baltimore, right down the street from the Johns Hopkins Medical compound.

The community comes out in full force to help out and support this effort!

My little helper, Keshawn. He helped me make some banners to decorate the garden space.

Cutting the banners with community member, Maxine Washington.

Go Robert go: the planting begins next week!

Students Are Excited!

Academy for College and Career Exploration students are excited to talk about art! Students from schools and organizations are encouraged to come by and experience the 5th Annual WHO ARE YOU? Youth Media Festival gallery show at CENTERSTAGE Theatre first hand by scheduling a tour. This particular group of students helped me see the artwork--pieces I have been looking at for months now--in a brand new way!

27 April 2010

Festival Fun . . . More pics to come!

Julianne Franz of CENTERSTAGE Theatre directs the tech rehearsal . . .

The performers participate in a dance off to loosen up for the big show . . .

The Baltimore Westsiders open the show with a big bang . . .

Donasiah and Mike remind the crowd to turn off all cell phones during the performance . . .

Evan and Lindsey having fun taking pictures in front of the Youth Dreamers' installation . . .

Missed the festival? WATCH IT HERE!

25 April 2010

Performance Day Dress Rehearsal . . .

Onward and upward to the big show!!

Dress rehearsal was energetic and exciting!
So much fun to watch all of the performers getting ready for the big day!

Still don't have a ticket? Call CENTERSTAGE: 410-332-0033

The 5th Annual WHO ARE YOU? Youth Media Festival
700 Calvert
Baltimore City

Doors open at 5pm, the show starts at 6pm. It's gonna be good, y'all!

The host: Chris Goodman

The Unique Steppers, Woodhome Elementary Middle School

The Roq Off Crew prepares . . .

Ms. Donasiah Clapperton, Wide Angle Youth Media

Memorizing lines . . .

Poetry Compilation Available.

As you can tell by the previous post, our poetry event, Rhyme Your Mind, was a huge success. We captured all of the poems recited during this and other festival events in our poetry compilation zine. The poets featured in this zine are the movers, shakers, and creatives of the next generation. Interested in having your own copy?


Wide Angle's poetry and video night, part of the 5th Annual WHO ARE YOU? Youth Media Festival, in collaboration with Poetry for the People and Stadium School Youth Dreamers: over 100 youth, parents, and educators came out in support of young people who had a story to tell . . .

Olu Butterfly . . .

The Stadium School Youth Dreamers and the Youth Media Festival committee . . .

A Glorious Night of MFA work . . .

18 April 2010

An Environment of Collective Integrity . . .

Combining teaching philosophy, the power of participation, and experience, we presented a collaborative art-making experience for NAEA conference attendees and the collaboration of young people.

To celebrate participation and honor collaboration through art-making . . .

MICA Fashion!!

Naoko Maeshiba.

During the last week of March, Katti, Robert, and I took a dance workshop with Naoko Maeshiba.

A native of Kobe, Japan, NAOKO MAESHIBA is a dancer/ choreographer/ director based in Baltimore/Washington D.C. She has been creating interdisciplinary works nationally and internationally since 1996. In 2002, She founded a performance lab, Naoko Maeshiba/kibism (www.naokibi.com) in order to explore the depth of the body, enhance the exchange and connection between different disciplines and cultures, and discover and examine various forms of perception.

Maeshiba's solo and ensemble works have been experienced in the North America, Europe, and Japan. She is a recipient of Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award in solo dance performance and choreography, Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts Individual Artist Grant, Kennedy Center Local Dance Commissioning Project Award and Individual Artist Fellowship Grant in theatre direction from the D.C. Commissions on the Arts and Humanities and NEA. Paraffin was voted Best of Baltimore by the City Paper in 2009 for Best Dance Movement piece. For more information, go to http://www.naokibi.com/.

Here's the workshop description: Does the body stop at the edge of the body? How does the body’s state change depending on the environment? Is it possible to exist in the immediate environment and the environment in one’s distant memory at the same time? This workshop examines the relationship between body and various environments in time and space. The exercises activate senses and enhance sensitivity to the visual/auditory/kinetic stimuli, excavating body’s primal instinct. Through the synchronicity of body and mind, the potent transparent state of the body emerges, devoid of ego.

Spring has SPRUNG!