27 February 2016

MFA Thesis Show, COMING SOON to Baltimore!!

The above video was created by the graduate show organization team at the Maryland Institute College of Art. And I love it! I think it represents how a lot of people feel when they are looking at new artwork! So many questions and expressions!

On June 24th of 2016, my MFA GRADUATE THESIS SHOW opens in Decker Gallery at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

This graduate degree has been almost 4 years in the making! I began working towards this degree the first summer after I moved to Singapore. 

Three and a half years later, I am now living and working in the Middle East . . . And I am excited for this show to finally take place!

“My process involves a lot of play and a vibrant energy. I want my work to energize the space or the space to be active itself. Bright colors have energy, pattern and collections of stuff have energy, people invited into the space contribute energy.” 

There are all sorts of parts and pieces to the work I am featuring in this graduate show. Even some surprises . . . And lots and lots and lots of collaborations! I have started posting snippets of ideas and sketches and works in progress on my Instagram account and over on Facebook with the hashtag, #bangagitatetransitrepeat. And as we get closer to June, I will begin to post more and more fun things! 

Here are some important dates to remember, if you are interested in coming to the BIG show and helping our 2016 MFAST cohort CELEBRATE:

Thesis Exhibition on View, June 24 – July 9
Thesis Talks, July 1 – July 6
Closing Reception for Thesis Exhibition, July 8

The gallery shows and closing reception will be split between the Fox building on Mount Royal and the Fred Lazarus IV Center on West North. The thesis talks will be held in the auditorium at the Fred Lazarus IV Center. Specific directions will be sent out at a later date.

There will be ways to celebrate online, from far away, too!! So, please stay tuned!! In the meantime, enjoy these images and videos from my last three and a half years of working towards this degree . . . Yeeeeeehaaaawwww!!!