09 August 2018

Summer Camps Three and Four at The Bascom!

Well! I mixed up camps this week, but boy did we have a great time!! I counted my weeks up wrong and thought we were having our space camp this week, when really it was supposed to be our camp focusing on recycling . . . The good news is that we used recyclables and “reuseables” to build ALL of our space things!

Our first day of Camp Number 3 was all about rockets. The students used giant old cardboard tubes to build their rockets.

The second day they used felt scraps to create small world hug pillows, complete with “It’s A Small World” song buttons inside.

On the third day, we made Papier-Mâché moons and planets that glow! Aren’t they marvelous??!!!

On our last day of camp we had an art party! We made lots and lots of glitter slime and created bubble prints!

Camp Number Four was all about RECYCLED ART! To me, recycling in art means making things out of found objects, using actual recyclables (plastics primarily), and deconstructing and reconstructing previously made things. So this week, we did a little bit of all of that!

The first day of camp was focused on robot creations. I set each student up with a kit of various recyclables, and their challenge was to fashion a robot out of all of the collected things in their kit. 

For the second project, students created handheld play masks out of reclaimed matte boards (generally used for framing).

For our third project, students used our wonderful collection of donated National Geographic magazines and a wide variety of other publications to create characters and self-portraits.

On our last day of camp, students were introduced to improv costuming, a phrase I coined a few years ago in graduate school. I laid out two tables worth of gently used fabrics and pompoms and hula hoops and cardboard and various other materials. Then, the students were tasked with creating impromptu costuming out of these simple objects, working in pairs and taking turns to costume each other. A photograph of their finished work was their take-home for the days work. We had so much fun!!

Stay tuned for the last reviews from my summer camps in Highlands, North Carolina! Happy weekend!