22 May 2010

Time To Grow!!

Today I helped my classmate Robert prepare the Chase Street Garden for an appearance in the East Baltimore Walking Tour, organized by The Club at Collington Square. I helped sew banners decorated by the East Baltimore Community School and placed them around the garden. We had a great time handing out lemonade and watching people explore what the community members have started to grow! Lot's of tomatoes, herbs, beans, and green peppers! To continued success!

Printmaking and Collage with Carrera!

Wide Angle Sews!

Senior Show: One More Blog!

A student as Barbie.

Canvas sculpture.

One student takes over an entire building with his installation work--really quite exciting!!

One of my favorite pieces: a fabric collage.

Hand-dyed fashion-wear . . .

15 May 2010

Amazing Undergraduate Senior Show: Blog, 3 of 3.

A porcelain vessel bedecked and bedazzled. This student's thesis was entitled Poof!, which is funny because I also created a series that I called Poof!. He created the ceramic installation inside the box that I featured in the first post of senior works.

An archway, something playful to walk under for once.

Robert and Katti posing amongst a fiber student's creations. I saw these works on the runway earlier in the semester. Beautiful installation.

Giant Rottweiler paintings. Posting this for my sister, Kerry. These were fantastic!

Ending on a sweet note . . . Sugary fashion at it's best!! Look at the fun, ruffly bra and panties!

Amazing Undergraduate Senior Show: Blog, 2 of 3.

A brightly colored landscape made out of Sculpey.

A found objects sculpture I have coined Melty Cat. See? Anything thoughtfully composed can be art!

A beautiful composition of paintings and home objects.

Plates in a diner seat. How now, brown cow?

A fox on the look-out, with a plexiglass friend.

Amazing Undergraduate Senior Show: Blog, 1 of 3.

At MICA when the undergraduate seniors are graduating, each senior is given a space to display their senior thesis. Over the past few days, the seniors have taken over classrooms, hallways, lobbies, and galleries in 6 different buildings to show their work to their parents and the Baltimore City community. And, it was amazing!!

(These pictures just don't do the work justice . . . )

This was a ceramic installation inside of a box. You had to peak through a little glass hole to see this crazy Christmas-inspired porcelain and poof ball creation. Quite magical!

Another ceramic installation: all of the work in this space--the makeshift interior of a home--was created out of kiln-fired clay or cardboard. There was even a ceramic diet coke!

This dog was created out of an air-dry sculpting material. I like the snout! All of her work focused on dogs. On the opposing wall, she had these lovely little needle-points about what dog-fighting does to the animal's mind. It was really quite a display, emotionally and physically.

A video and sound project. The colors produced were so vibrant! On the opposing wall of this space were little vignettes made inside of recycled computer and television monitors. Some of the environments created: basements, theatres, jail cells, and hospital rooms.

14 May 2010

Katti's 40th Birthday!

A happy hoedown of excitement!

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

"Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible."
~Marion C. Garretty

My mom, Ricki.

My sister, Kerry.

My dad's wife, Dede.

Doug's Mother, Barb.

07 May 2010


For my visual thesis, I am creating a performance piece themed in play. I made a diorama for my last critique using watercolored costume drawings. Enjoy!