15 May 2010

Amazing Undergraduate Senior Show: Blog, 1 of 3.

At MICA when the undergraduate seniors are graduating, each senior is given a space to display their senior thesis. Over the past few days, the seniors have taken over classrooms, hallways, lobbies, and galleries in 6 different buildings to show their work to their parents and the Baltimore City community. And, it was amazing!!

(These pictures just don't do the work justice . . . )

This was a ceramic installation inside of a box. You had to peak through a little glass hole to see this crazy Christmas-inspired porcelain and poof ball creation. Quite magical!

Another ceramic installation: all of the work in this space--the makeshift interior of a home--was created out of kiln-fired clay or cardboard. There was even a ceramic diet coke!

This dog was created out of an air-dry sculpting material. I like the snout! All of her work focused on dogs. On the opposing wall, she had these lovely little needle-points about what dog-fighting does to the animal's mind. It was really quite a display, emotionally and physically.

A video and sound project. The colors produced were so vibrant! On the opposing wall of this space were little vignettes made inside of recycled computer and television monitors. Some of the environments created: basements, theatres, jail cells, and hospital rooms.

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