18 July 2014

Shows Up! #baltimorelove #texasrocks

So much has been going on these days . . . So-much-so that I haven't even had a chance to post anything on this beloved blog since early May! (Oh no!!) 

I am in the States all summer long for graduate school. Baltimore, Maryland to be specific. And currently I have pieces in 3 different shows. No better time than now to jump back into the blogosphere!

The first show I am included in is a photography show--my first--curated by my friend and former upstairs neighbor, Nate Larson. Not only is this my first photography show, but it's also being hosted in my home state of Texas. I'm really excited about this opportunity and the potential for more photography shows in the future. The show is called Cell Phone Photography III and is featured online with the Texas Photographic Society. I'm pretty sure no one takes more photos than I do with their phone, so I thought this particular show would be a perfect fit! You can check out the show here and buy a catalog of the images here.

The second show I am honored to be a part of is GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor out of Feminism. This show is being held at Gallery CA, a beautiful young space in Baltimore. The Gallery CA website displays the following verbiage: "Feminism, much like art, is about perception. GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor out of Feminism is an exhibition which seeks to highlight the work of female artists and artists dealing with feminist issues, themes, and aesthetics." My proposal for this project involved asking young people between the ages of 5 and 18 to define feminism in their own words. The responses I received were outstanding. I sewed their words onto a 4' x 8' banner. It's quite powerful when you read through the entire piece. What struck me is how frank their responses were and that they were more interested in "gender equality" instead of the concept of "feminism". Superb.

The third show I have work in is at the Maryland Institute College of Art. This is a show involving the second and third year students in my graduate program. It's a "works in progress" style show, testing ideas and themes we are thinking about, materials we are working with. I am showing a video piece that I made. My very first video ever made! It's a looped piece created in Adobe After Effects with the help of my friend and professor, Bruce Feldman. I'm also showing two photographs. All three pieces involve me as the subject--which I have never done. I've always been the maker and not the subject. New directions, folks! My only complaint? Videos are super hard to photograph!! Oh well. Let's see what happens . . .