26 December 2013

India Love . . . 3, 2, 1: Hauz Khas for Boxing Day!

Well it's official. Living in hot Singapore has turned me into a massive cold weather wimp. And I may have once again gotten a bit of a head cold. (I can not confirm nor deny this.) So today was a bit slow. I was in the studio working all morning and then went off to Hauz Khas with Vicki. We had a beautiful meal at Amour, celebrating Boxing Day. The food was arranged so artfully on the plates. I had a lamb and provolone burger--having not had any meat since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. And you can see what Vicki had above: isn't it gorgeous? For dessert, I ordered ice cream. But when they brought it out . . . It looked like this. The ice cream was shaped in a triangle with a bit of a pie crust. And it was covered in toffee and orange drizzle. But that's not all: it was served with mascarpone and almonds! It was absolutely amazing. And probably the reason I am being punished with the aforementioned head cold. We ate outside on a rooftop overlooking a giant park. I felt like I was in New York or something. After lunch, we walked around and peeked in all of the cool shops that Hauz Khas has to offer. It was really fun! I left Vicki there and came back to the compound. And then I did something absolutely crazy: I rested. I physically laid down for more than an hour. When I woke up, it was dinner time. And here we are! Tomorrow I will be making more dance videos and creating mock-ups of the trophies. Hilarious post--I mean progress report--forthcoming!

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