10 June 2013

Stamford's Gala and Fundraiser Artwork . . . A Visual Tour.

For the Stamford fundraiser that took place in May, each grade had to complete a work of art to be auctioned off to help raise funds for a school being built in Cambodia. 

I decided to do large paintings with each of my grades. I started out with three photographs I'd taken around Singapore, played with them in Photoshop to get a posterized effect, and then traced them out on the canvases for the students. 

The students (and one parent volunteer who I am utterly grateful for) filled them in with bright colors and the rest is history! The painting made by the third grade students ended up raising the largest amount between all of the grades! Go, go Grade 3!

Second Grade: A Night Scene From Chinatown

Third Grade: Just Off Arab Street

Fourth Grade: Deep in The Heart of Little India

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