13 June 2013

Bring In The Clowns . . .

My nephew Liam is really into performance. I mentioned how lucky I was to see his alien dance here. And took note of his boogie-ability here

What he likes best is to be involved in performances that involve a bit of theatre and a bit of dance. He and his brother, along with my sister, recently moved to Franklin, Tennessee. But right before they left, he performed in "The Fabulous Flying Car" based on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He had several parts in it, but the clown costume--while simple in construction and form--was the absolute most fun! Check out the performance below, a bootleg I received from my sister. Looks like he really cleaned house in the bouquet department, too! 

I'm so happy to see him participating so heavily in the arts. (Both of the boys, really.) Kerry and I took quite a bit of dance growing up, but it would have been great fun to be involved in theatre too. Looks like Liam is picking up where we couldn't quite make the connection. So proud and excited to see where this exploration leads! Keep up the great work, buddy!

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