02 June 2013

Buoyant Echo is Not so Far Away!

(Please excuse my absence . . . It's been crazy-busy in Singapore! The last day of school is just around the corner: 8 more teaching days to be exact. I've been in an end-of-year spiral of report cards, digital portfolios, and our school's annual art show. But it's all coming to a close now. So be on the look-out for upcoming posts on Stamford gala artwork, Vesak Day, Peter Pan The Musical, Fictive Fingers, fun with fabric, and graduate school round two. There must be some sort of nap in my future, right? Relaxation maybe? Um, no. Go, go, go!

I've mentioned here and here, the show I will be installing at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center on July 1st and 2nd:  just a little less than a month away! The piece is called Buoyant Echo. It is a giant show involving all sorts of new creative processes for me and collaborations with new people, both in the US and in Singapore. 

It's a conglomeration of sound and color and costuming and movement and sculpture, celebrating the transition I have made in my life by moving to southeast Asia. This installation and companion performance piece is my response to learning about my new surroundings as a Singapore resident, rituals of place and color, and establishing community.

I have been steadily blogging about my process of putting together this show on tumblr. I encourage you to go to this site and check it out! The Buoyant Echo tumblr site has been an awesome resource for me; a way for me to record visual inspiration, sound clips, and more. I have also started a Pinterest board which acts as a digital design board. Both sites help me keep track of colors, patterns, and textures I respond to regularly which influences the work greatly.

All of the musical works of art being created for Buoyant Echo are being logged on Soundcloud. If you have not had a listen to any of these clips yet, please take the time to do so. Corey is the mastermind behind these compositions. They are the result of many, many Skype dates, recorded iphone soundclips being sent back and forth, and response to visuals. He is an extremely talented young lad, and I am so grateful for his being a part of this piece!

Several pieces of the costuming are being created in a fabric printing studio in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown. Fictive Fingers is run by Aisah and Hani Dalduri. I met them through Handmade Movement. We've been experimenting with shibori and potato printing. I can't say too much because I am about to write up two blog posts about the sisters and my experience working with them. But let's just say this: there is always lots and lots of laughing that happens when we are all three together. 

Like I mentioned above, the installation happens on July 1st and 2nd in Bowling Green, Kentucky . . . Stay tuned! The ramp up is just beginning!!

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