13 June 2013

MFA Time!

I am excited to announce that next Friday--June 21st--I will be starting a new graduate program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. You might remember that the whole reason I even started this blog was to catalog my first masters program, start to finish. (It's hilarious to look back at those early posts: what with their bumbling formatting and small type. Yikes.)

Complimenting my teaching in Singapore, this graduate program meets every summer for an intense 6 weeks of studio time, critiques, and workshops. So when I finish my three-year term in Singapore, I will also be receiving an MFA in Studio Art from MICA (er, hopefully). I can't tell you how happy and thrilled I am to be spending every summer in Baltimore, on the East Coast! Yay! (Love, love the East Coast!!!!)

"This low-residency, 60-credit interdisciplinary MFA program is designed for experienced artists who want to pursue graduate study without disrupting their ongoing careers. The emphasis of the program is in integrating practice with theory, where students are encouraged to be independent thinkers and researchers who may focus within one specific medium or work across various media." You can read the full description, including curriculum to be covered, here

The books above are for this summer's term. I've started reading them and I am chomping at the bit to get into the studio . . . These books are incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring. Can't wait to see what's next! 

Fun blogposts ahead, I just know it!! Here we go . . . 

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