18 August 2012

Open House: Welcome Artists!

Here's my room! As finished as it could be without the students: I need my students there to be creating work for the space . . . And remember, we aren't allowed to hang anything on the walls or use tape or put anything on the ground. (I slid the carpet in between a brief "yes" and "no" period.) 

Because technology is huge at our school, I wanted to make sure that the Promethean board was being utilized when the parents came through the classroom. So, I had a slideshow running of past student work. This helped to bring realization to the work that would be created in this new space and add even more color to the room.

This is my desk. Eventually this bulletin board will display class expectations, images from pieces that I am working on, and visual resources.

I created a small building space for the students to experiment with as they toured the space with their parents.  I used the abundance of straws we had in the storage room.  It was an awesome use of material . . . Bendable straws are a unique way to teach students about negative space and structure. (I might love having all of these straws, after all!)

Here's the sink area. The shelves are a bit bare, but that will change very soon! 

I changed around the clay studio just a bit and added some color to the bulletin boards.

The parents were very complementary of the space, and the school photographer (yes, there is one) stayed for quite a while taking all sorts of images. 

Today was a rush! It was fun to meet the students and their parents. School starts on Tuesday, with my first class beginning in the afternoon. I'm excited to get started! 

With all of this preliminary planning stuff behind us, let's now get the students in there so we can start making stuff!!  

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