06 August 2012

My New School, Part 2 . . .

Our library, still carefully being unpacked. Everything's white and smells like a new car!

The awesome technology we have in our common use lecture hall . . . You can be showing a PowerPoint on one screen and have a speaker Skyped in from across the world on the other screen. I love this place. Artist-and-teacher-friends, be prepared:  you are about to be Skype-interviewed by my kiddos!

One of our corridors connecting the buildings.

I don't mind if I do . . . One of our many lunch treats.  

I apologize, but I just can't stop taking pictures of the outside of the building. It's so lovely!

One of the two practice rooms for music students. The facilities here are amazing.

Our board room.

Lunch break, in our main teacher's lounge.

I have been given the power of whistle . . . As if I needed to get any louder.

A respite for studying students . . . 

Another view of our lecture hall.

The arts-based teaching faculty work room. One more post containing images to come . . . Including a video of my classroom! 

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