06 August 2012

My New School, Part 3 . . .

So excited! Check out my space!  (Reminder:  if you receive blog updates via email, you will have to visit the actual blog site to see the videos.)

Each grade level/floor has a student/teacher seminar room. What a great space for collaboration!

This is the design lab. Computers forthcoming . . . 

My classroom--check out that massive amount of storage! And, the sinks!!

Another view of my classroom . . . The light! The space! The drying racks!

Haha.  Never been called this before . . . Woohoo!

Looking back at the lower school and pre-kindergarten building from the field.

My home for the next 3 years.  Happy, happy!

My little MacBook Pro family. Our school received a grant that provided us with over 150 iMacs (24 per 4 labs, 1 in each classroom), a MacBook Pro for every teacher, 700 brand new iPads, and 33 iPad 2's. Love, love, bliss. More soon, I'm sure! 

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