26 July 2012

Pool Time: Trying to Relax.

So for the last year and a half in Nashville, I've been working like crazy . . . Projects on top of teaching on top of full-time jobs.  It all started within 8 days of moving back to town (December 2010).  And, it didn't stop until the Thursday before I left for Singapore (July 19, 2012).  19 months.  And, before that?  Graduate school in Baltimore for 14 months.  And, before that?  Finishing my undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin, 28 months.  So, I'm a bit worn out and quite frankly, I need a break.  

But, I'm not very good at relaxing.  I get bored very quickly and feel like I'm losing time that I could be focusing on projects (specifically the yet-to-be-named water project that I am working on with a team of artists, including my previous co-worker and good friend Corey).  I don't know why I have always felt pressured and like I am losing time.  It's like I am in some crazy fictitious race:  completely self-imposed . . . (I guess this type of energy keeps me focused and motivated to do more projects.  Bigger projects.)

But, then I found Singapore.  And, the pool.  And, I feel like I am in high school again:  in the pool for hours at a time, laying out, doing horrible things to my 38 year old skin.  I'm sure:  see sunburned image below.  But still fretting over projects and getting my classroom ready, etc.  

But, at least--for now--I am attempting relaxation (and sunscreen).  Only 10 more days until school starts!  I better suck this up!  (She writes, smiling.)

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