24 July 2012

CREATE2012: Stop, Collaborate, & Listen!

A few days before I left for Singapore, I taught 3 workshops at Middle Tennessee State University as part of the CREATE2012 conference presented by the Tennessee Arts Commission.  Create2012 is a national premiere professional development event for educators. 

"When did imagination, play, creativity, sensory experiences, and emotional connection become secondary to rote learning?  While innovation and engagement should be the hallmark of public education, sadly they get lost in a system that emphasizes product over process."

At Create2012, teachers hear thought-provoking speakers, hone their own higher order thinking skills, and interact with teachers, principals, students, and artists from across the country. 

I was honored to be a part of this event.  I taught two Parade Aesthetics workshops and one Reclaimed Costuming workshop.  And, the students produced some spectacular work!

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