05 December 2010

The Hunt/Opening Day.

When Fall arrives for horse people, it can only mean one thing . . . the Opening Day celebration.

My dad's wife, Dede, is an avid horse rider. She works very hard training and riding her horse, Cracker Jack, almost daily. I was lucky to be on hand for this year's celebration.

Here is Dede body-clipping Cracker Jack. We spent about 4 hours out at the barn, me documenting and Dede grooming. A lady came by towards the end and helped braid his mane.

My dad and I drove out to the celebration the next morning. The drive was about 30 minutes from the house, and absolutely beautiful!

Here I am, out in the field, with Kali. Kali was not a welcome guest at Opening Day as she could have easily become dinner to the over 30 hounds with the hunt party. So, as the hounds were being released with the riders, she got to sit in the car.

Dede and Crack Jack excited to take off!

Out in the field . . . More pictures can be seen here.

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