17 December 2010

Homey Ornaments.

My sister, Kerry, and I decided that this year, instead of buying gifts, we would make each other ornaments. This is--actually--more appropriate, since my sister has a habit of opening all of her gifts before Christmas and rewrapping them to look as if they were never touched . . . If there is no surprise, then no surprise can be ruined, eh?

So my dad was shipping out the gift box to Kerry and the boys today, and of course I hadn't made any ornaments yet. I had spent most of my week focusing on the boys stockings and my gift for Josh. But, this morning in my daily email from Craftzine, came a tutorial for these little home ornaments. I loved them! I changed them up a bit, and only used felt. But, I think they turned out quite lovely!

Off they went to be enjoyed at a new home in Dallas!

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