30 May 2009

Weekly Wrap-up!

I have begun the official countdown to my move to Baltimore, and when this blog changes over to being a record of my graduate school experience. I move in 5 days. I like moving, but this move is a bit daunting. Baltimore is a large city. And, once I'm there, school starts 5 days later and I will be expected to be here, there, and everywhere. So, I have to learn the ropes, and quickly.

There is a lot of rope-learning that needs to happen before now and then . . . Luckily, this past week provided me with some much-needed down time and solitary activity.

On Memorial Day, we plucked the first cherry tomatoes off of our tomato plant and ate them on top of pizza. Sadly, I don't think our tomato plant is doing so well. I'm going to play with different containers for it, because I don't think it's current pot is draining properly. But, I will solve this dilemma before heading to Baltimore! Any ideas, let me know!

My students at San Juan Diego Catholic High School graduate this coming weekend--hooray!! So, most of the week was spent cleaning out their classroom and handing back finished artwork. I also had to turn in my grades, which is the hardest part of teaching art . . .

Additionally I spent time doing a massive pre-Baltimore clean on my studio space (pictured above), at East 6th street and Navasota (across from Rio Rita). While some of the items are being donated to San Juan Diego, a lot is being recycled or thrown out. I can't wait to start making work again in a new, fresh space when I finish graduate school! Aaaaah, the joys of purging!!

To initiate summer (and because I've been obsessed with all things berry recently), I made a blackberry pie. Suffice to say, it hit the spot. The Nitz is particularly fond of pie, so happiness was all around.

I bought two new books this week. One is for school, the other for research & fun. Once I am through packing up items for the big move, I can relax for a bit and dig into them. Can't wait!! Of course, I still haven't finished my plight to read all of the Harry Potter's. But, owning the books is half the battle, right?

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