20 May 2009

Batman Pillowcase Reversible Tote . . .

I made something on my sewing machine this week. I received the machine on Christmas morning from
my dad and his wife, but had no clue how to use it.

Well, I had some clue, but was feeling a bit timid and insecure.

So, I took a fabulous little Sewing 101 crash course.

And, I made a reversible batman tote out of an old pillow case belonging to the Nitz.

My thought was to give it to my nephew Oliver for taking snacks to the park. However, the Nitz thinks it's too girly. Oliver's only three. Do we really still live in
that kind of society? What if I filled it with sticks and rocks, would that be better? I mean, it's Batman for crying out loud . . .

Regardless, I was quite happy with the finished product.
And, had a blast making it, too!

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