26 May 2009

Remembering Italy, Part 2 . . .

Most of our studio assignments were completed or at least attempted outside of the studio. So, we would take walking field trips. One of the first trips we went on was to the top of this hill in the town where we were staying.

Just look at all of those olive trees!!

That's my buddy, Hayden . . .

This is Castiglion Fiorentino from afar . . .
See the bell tower to the left of this image?
That's about where Santa Chiara is . . .

Santa Chiara keeps and takes care of an endangered species of turtles.
These turtles are the best and so fun to feed!

I spent a lot of time feeding the turtles in the morning hours. Chomp, chomp!

Someone in our group took this picture when we were visiting a winery
just outside of where we lived.

Hilarious, no?

Working on my final project for the Art History portion of the program.
Thanks, Megan, for making me look tough!!

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