31 January 2014

Progress Report: Community Painting Party!

You may remember back in November I introduced readers to this project. Since then, Sarah, Georgia, and I have been loading students onto a bus and taking them down the street to that same wall that has been so graciously given to us by the Kallang Community Club near the Boon Keng MRT (where I live!!!). 

The Saturday after I returned home from Baltimore, we hosted a Community Painting Party. And the attendance was amazing! We had residents mingling with students mingling with parents mingling with artists . . . 

Our little CCA is only about 10 students strong, but we were able to bring in enough people to help get a substantial jump on the piece. The actual mural wraps around the entire playground/work-out area. So what we spotlighted for this first Community Painting Party is only half of what our actual mural will be. Our next Community Painting Party happens on February 16th. We hope to have the entire mural marked out with color by the end of that party. And--hopefully--we'll have the entire piece done by the end of the school year, with a big ol' party to celebrate all of the hard work. Fingers crossed!

We set up a table with colored pencils and had people brainstorming/designing the second half of the mural that's still to come. Oh and that's Ben (below) from NVPC at the end of the table. He initiates walks throughout all of the neighborhoods in Singapore to see what's up and what people might need or be thinking about in their community. I'm so glad he was able to make it to our event!

We had a community drum circle come out for some entertainment. Isn't it great? It's kind of like we were at Bonnaroo . . . I absolutely LOVED it!!

And then there was the hula hooping. I rode my bike from my house to this event with 10 hula hoops strapped on my back. And I wasn't disappointed . . . Hula hoops always make a party. I can't hula hoop to save my life, but somehow it's always a hit!

Georgia was the master of the paint that day. She mixed and matched anything we needed. It was actually pretty incredible. The paint is oil-based, so you can only imagine how dirty her hands and clothes were at the end of the day . . . 

This is Shayne with me, above. Shayne was our point-of-contact for the wall and a huge help in organizing the Community Painting Party. Love her! Can't wait to see what the event on February 16th brings!

Last photo by Ashley Mak . . . Stamford American International School photographer.

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