02 October 2013

Offspring + Lindsey = True Love . . .

I have to admit something that I'm a little bit embarrassed by . . . I have not been blogging very much lately. And it's not because I've been overly swamped (although I have been busy), it's because I have been completely obsessed with Offspring. So-much-so that I can't go to bed at night without watching one (okay maybe two) episodes. And it totally got me through all of the fingerweaving that I had to get done. 

Each episode is an hour long, and features the lovely central character Nina Proudman. She's an obstetrician. At first, I dismissed the show because I'm not really into doctor shows. But this one is different. It follows more of Nina's life and family, then it does her doctor life. She is unmarried and is constantly pulled and pushed into the dramatic goings-on of her sibling's and parent's lives. You also get a sense of what Nina is thinking, because her thoughts are often played out as if they are real (see clip below). And when you think that it's impossibly too sad or heart-wrenching, they make something funny take place that turns the entire show on it's head. It's really incredible writing and directing.

My friend Tanya--a native Australian--got me hooked on the show. She kept telling me to watch it. Finally (when I was out of fresh episodes of The Mindy Project: also a show about an obstetrician, oddly enough) I decided to sit down to the first episode. Australia airs their first episodes of each new season like it's a movie. So it was an hour and a half long. They really suck you into the characters with that kind of length. And that's all it took. I plowed through the first season, and I'm steadily plowing through the second season. Love, love, love! 

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