08 October 2013

A For Arbite, A For Awesome!

I was very excited and honored to be part of a small, select group of artists displaying work at a local restaurant. A for Arbite has recently opened a new location at the Aliwal Center, a fabulous new art center--complete with artist studios--right in the heart of Singapore. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away the Malay Heritage Center and Haji Lane (remember where I tried rosy prata and where we had our first craft party?) #workhardlivewell

I was asked to be a part of this event by my friends Hani and Aisah over at Fictive Fingers. After receiving a text from them, I met with the head honcho of the event Hayden, and we decided on a yarn-based piece that could serve as an entryway to the restaurant.

I really enjoyed meeting Hayden; and the restaurant's chef, Marc, was amazing! A new super-nice group of people! And a fun new place to call home!

On the Wednesday night before the event--after weeks and weeks of fingerweaving almost 100, 9 foot strands--I arrived on foot (a brisk 45 minute walk from my condo) to install the piece. It was actually really awesome to be able to bring the entire installation, including fasteners and tools, in my backpack. And the lovely ladies came along to help out. And boy am I glad they did! It took us about 3.5 hours to install as a group. It would have been double that if I had been alone . . . They are incredible ladies to have around! #gomakefun

And of course Hayden was there for the entire install. And every time we needed a tall person (which was kind of a lot of the time) he jumped in and saved the day! I'm so appreciative for all of their efforts in helping everything come together so beautifully! 

So-much-so that the restaurant decided to keep up the piece for the duration of October. Woo hoo!

Aren't these shadows lovely?

Above is the A for Arbite entrance where Aisah's boyfriend is walking through the doors and you can sort of see how the yarn work frames the doorway. And there's Marc--chef extraordinaire--standing in the midst of it all. 

During the original 4 day weekend of the CRAFT event, I sat in the restaurant fingerweaving and teaching others how to fingerweave. Each time a strand was complete, we would kind of toss it up and over the yarn structure, adding to it.

I even taught Hayden how to fingerweave! (See above! #stopandsmelltheroses) And Hayden's wife Adela spent some time crocheting little bits and bobbles from the yarn. I really hope she continues to do more of this! She called it her form of tagging. 

All ages seemed really drawn to the work, which I was really happy about. It's been a long time since I've done something so slight--in terms of form--that held space well. 

I do know one thing for sure: I don't know where I would be without the two ladies below. Fictive Fingers, you guys rock! To many, many more hilarious and laugh out loud experiences ahead!! #lol

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