01 September 2013

Sunday Fun Day!

On heavy rotation these days . . . 


I was so happy to see the above performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. I was quasi-disappointed in Justin and his team a few short months back after they released a video so poor in taste that I can not even begin to link it here. (You'll have to do the research on your own for that one, folks.) But the above retrospective-style performance is great for many reasons: he mixes the old with the new, he brings dancing and fun back to the forefront of his music (which is why we all love him in the first place, right?), and there is no ridiculous spectacle (think Miley Cyrus). 

After watching the MTV performance a million times, I decided to see if he had any new videos out. He did and--thankfully--I was happily amused. The below song brings the groove back. It's fun to play in the mornings when I am about to leave for school. It keeps my energy up and makes me think that all is good with the world. 

Enjoy these two videos and take some time to dance.

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