13 September 2013

A Video For Third Grade . . . Surprise For Me.

On Wednesday, one of my 3rd grade classes showed up touting that I would be showing them a video at the beginning of class. 


"You promised, Ms. Bailey. You said that since we didn't have time at the end of our last class that you would show us a video at the beginning of this class."

"Oh. Um, sure. Right."

Whenever something like this happens, I always go to what I know and creatively love the best: #okgo. You may remember this little post I wrote about them last year. 

My neighboring art teacher across the hall spent Wednesday showing her little kindergarten and 1st grade classes the following video . . . 

So I thought: great!! I will show my 3rd graders White Knuckles. There are dogs, some fun choreography, and solid design: perfect for art class!

Of course, showing them the video prompted me to post the following picture on Instagram.

Then I decided to tag on End Love, telling my students to make sure and try to locate and stay with the goose as they watched the video.

After class--during my lunch break--I started scrolling through my feed on Instagram and found (much to my surprise and excitement) the following . . . 

Whoa. The lead singer of the aforementioned band left me a comment. Holy schnockers. Now if only I could find a class set of 3D glasses! 

Week = made.

The end.

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