12 March 2013

JT & Bey Rotation Riot.

It's one of those days where I feel like posting something a little more lighthearted than usual. I watch music videos a lot. You may have picked up that little bit of information over the years due to posts like this, this, and this. But rarely am I so intently focused on a several few. 

I mean--yes--I did go through a substantial OK Go phase (which never really ended, but is more or less on hiatus). It happened twice, once in graduate school in Baltimore and when I first started teaching in Singapore. Now I'm just obsessed with Damian Kulash's Instagram photos: they are gorgeous . . . 

But this Justin and Beyonce kick has real staying power. For one, Beyonce is really good about posting process videos. I am obsessed with behind-the-scenes work. Obsessed! I love hearing about every little detail that goes into the making of an album, a dance piece, or a concert.

And Justin is just an incredibly talented and hilarious person. He puts off a vibe of being generally very happy and gracious for his success. He's a polished professional who also happens to make me laugh.

Below, please find 7 of my all time favorite videos from these two artists . . . 

1. Get Me Bodied, Beyonce

One of the absolute best dance videos she's produced. A close second in my book? Run The World (Girls). The pair dancing that happens about midway through is phenomenal. And towards the end, all of the dancers split off to show a variety of dance moves from all different time periods. As much as I love dance? Please. There is absolutely no way I couldn't love this video.

2. Like I Love You, Justin Timberlake

This was one of the first videos that Justin made after leaving NSYNC. There is still quite a bit of dancing in it (which has since filtered out a bit in his most recent videos), and it features a cameo by Pharrell Williams (whom I also dig quite a bit). I like how seemingly casual the production is, from costuming to sets. And the dancing is off. the. hook.

3. Year of 4, Beyonce

The following short documentary is what probably most changed my opinion of Beyonce from glorious pop star to female powerhouse. The video says it all: absolutely fascinating . . . 

4. History of Rap Volumes 2 and 3, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

The first time I saw Justin and Jimmy perform their History of Rap Volume 1, I was living in California. It provided me with much-needed comedic relief during that time in my life. And I watched it on rotation, much like all of these videos linked in this post. But then, a few weeks ago, one of my friends on Facebook posted the following version, volumes 2 and 3. It's so incredibly worth the entire 10 minutes . . . Even if you don't like rap, watching their camaraderie--complete with facial expressions--on stage is hilarious. If that's not enough to make you laugh, watch Justin dancing around as a giant piece of tofu from last weekend's SNL. (PS: History of Rap Volume 1 is an illusive cat on the internet. So if you find a good linkable version, please let me know!)

5. O2 Priority TV Advertisement, Beyonce

Seriously? When my friend Wes posted this on my Facebook wall, I almost fell out of my chair. Had she seen our installation in Houston--her home town--where we immortalized Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as King and Queen of CelebriTEA? How did she know that we had considered her for the role of Queen before Kim . . . (Yet we chose Kim and Kanye. And before they started dating no less! Genius!) Outside of her hair, the sounds and music mixed in this commercial are complete show-stoppers.

6. Suit and Tie, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z

You really need me to explain this? Really? It's like a dream collaboration come true! The whole thing: Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, the black-and-white-television-era-Frank-Sinatra-vibe. It's perfect. (Want a second, possibly-even-better, look at the new album? Check out this track. Your welcome.)

7. The Making of A Concert, Beyonce

I found this video a few weeks ago. It's from 2011, I believe. Maybe even earlier. Whatever year it was that Blue Ivy was born. (She can't be more than 3 years old, right? Where has the time gone??!) It sort of follows Beyonce getting ready for two major performances about 5 months after Blue Ivy was born. She hadn't danced, worked-out, or sang anything in months. It shows her picking out set designs, talking to her digital and lighting team, and going through countless dance rehearsals. I love, love, love being able to see everything come together.

Worried about being bored this summer? Check them both out in concert: The Mrs. Carter Show and Legends of The Summer. I promise you, either show will be amazing. Coming to a city near you soon!

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