05 February 2013

Branch Out.

Remember those awesome branches that I painted? The ones I mentioned at the beginning of the post about my sister's craftiness? Well the project is finally complete and it looks awesome (if I do say so myself). Ironically it usually takes me a while to complete these types of quick projects, but this one I was able to knock-out in a couple of hours.

After painting the branches orange, I went down to the hardware store and found these puppies. Originally I went looking for pipe clasps, metal ones. So when I saw these, I thought they might work (although I was worried about the weight). And I liked that the color blended a bit more with the wall and color of the branches. These clips are actually cord organizers for along the baseboard or behind a desk. And they stick to the wall with adhesive. 

Low and behold, they hold up really well! I've hung up all of my jewelry that can be draped (earrings and necklaces), and kept my cuff bracelets and rings in my dresser. Yes, those are Adam Lambert earrings and I love them. 

It's really beautiful to look at when I walk into my bedroom. I just thought it would be something to keep my necklaces from getting tangled, but it turned into a creative wall piece with ever-changing shadows. 

What about you? Make anything fun lately?

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