28 October 2012

The Philippines Photo Journal, Days 3 - 6: Boracay Island (Part 1 of 3) . . .

My 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th days were spent in Boracay, rumored to be the best beach in the entire world. How lucky was I to be able to travel to this magical place?


Getting there proved to be one of the more adventurous parts of the trip . . . Just to arrive in Boracay took 8 forms of transportation. 8!! Jeepney, walking, train, bus, plane, van, boat, and motorcycle sidecar. It was incredible: chaotic and beautiful, all at once! What kind of allusive and desolate place were we going to anyhow? Had I not been with Katti, I don't think I would've been able to maneuver so well on my own.   (More on this experience in Monday's post!)

Once we got there, I was completely mesmerized. Those who know me know this: I do not relax wellAnyone who has seen my father's backyard knows which side of the family this personality trait comes from. 

So when I was told that we were going to the beach for 4 days and 3 nights, I became a bit worried at how the time might pass. (Momentarily forgetting my usual mantra: time always passes.) For the first time ever on a vacation, I didn't bring anything to work on. My mind was racing. But, day after day, I would go out by the water, walk along the beach, build sandcastles, take photographs, and swim. And by the end of the week, without realizing it, I had outlined a book, planned an upcoming installation, and written several yet-to-be-posted blog posts (this one included). So, I did work. Actually taking the time to relax had made me productive.  Maybe even more productive than I would have been had I brought items to work on . . .

Come to find out, I now believe that there is nothing more relaxing than floating in the ocean: letting the waves bounce you back and forth like they are playing catch with you, occasionally being able to taste the salty water. I dance around in the water, as if floundering a bit, sometimes I'm able to touch the sand at the bottom and sometimes I'm not. I liken my moves underwater to my favorite scene in Alice in Wonderland, when she is riding on the bird's beak backwards in the water. I must have stayed out in the water, jumping around like a crazy person, for at least 4 hours every day. (And for someone as pale as me, that's a long time.) 

After watching the glorious sunset during our 2nd night in Boracay, Katti and I ate dinner under a hut and listened to the guitarist playing next door. He was doing various renditions of classics, like Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. Occasionally we found ourselves joining in. I'm curious if he ever heard us . . . 

More on my adventures in Boracay to come . . . Stay tuned!

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