27 October 2012

The Philippines Photo Journal, Day 2: Pinto Art Museum

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing:  it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

On Sunday, Katti took me up a mountain in Antipolo City to the most beautiful garden space and museum.

Pinto Art Museum sits on a one hectare plot of land in the Silangan Gardens. The architecture of the museum is stunning, reminding me of colonial Spanish buildings with their high ceilings and open floor plans. Paintings, sculptures, installations, assemblages, and drawings-presenting a wide array of subject matter, approaches, and methods-are housed within the space.

Dr. Joven Cuanang spearheaded the Silangan Foundation for Arts, Culture, and Ecology, a non-profit that supports the museum. I met Dr. Cuanang during my visit to Pinto. We exchanged hellos and introductions while eating fried banana. He is a highly respected neurologist who supports Philippine art and culture on the side. "Through the years he has immersed himself in endeavors that promote art and culture while continually trying to explore its restorative aspects."

"Dr. Cuanang followed his heart, mind, and gut in acquiring each artwork. "I am emotionally connected to each piece, that is the only parameter I apply in my selection." Cuanang's bond to every small or large scale work is such that he has never parted with a single one since the initial purchase."

Art has the power to communicate, provoke, and educate.

"The safest way to avoid the world is through art and the safest way to be linked to the world is through art." - Randall Jarell

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