28 December 2011

Homemade Holidays!

I was proud of my shopping this year. None of it involved the mall, and about 97% of it was handmade.

This year's Christmas involved me giving only hand-fashioned items or books as gifts. My sister received a cuff bracelet made out of a license plate and a penny on a chain stamped with PLAY, both from Art and Invention. My mother received stationary and a gift card to buy the latest James Patterson book. I made each of my nephews a cape with the first letter of their name on the back (playfully transformed into a superhero emblem). My dad and Dede received a beautiful book of photographs and stories by my friend John Guider. And, my brother-in-law Nic received a journal to encourage him to continue writing.

My sister commissioned me to make a small painting for her grandmother-in-law, a pelican (middle image). And, my friend Milo received a string of bunting emblazoned with his name (top image).

Handmade Christmas: this is one tradition I'd like to keep going!

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