10 August 2010

MA Community Arts Visual Thesis Exhibition.

I am an artist, born and raised in Texas. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, receiving a B.F.A. in studio art. As a community artist, I develop a dialogue with youth about issues they are facing. These conversations frequently bring up questions I am exploring in my own work, sparking new ideas. This continuing dialogue becomes the content of finished artwork. My work has appeared in numerous group exhibitions in Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, and Wisconsin.

In my artwork, I try to evoke the same sense of enthusiasm and liveliness that one observes when children discover and interact with new things. Imagination, wonder, and invention are the driving force behind my work. Integral to my process is building relationships and collective collaboration.

I create installations and performance pieces that are spontaneous and site specific. I use abstracted subject matter that references cakes, confections, or clouds. Comfort, escape, and playfulness are depicted through the use of bright color, compositions with lots of movement, and allude to childhood and memorable celebrations.

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