28 June 2010

Josh Lynch.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas. We lived in a neighborhood filled with lots of families, kids around the same age as my sister and me. It was perfect: swimming pools and bike rides during the spring and summertime, carpooling to school and sleepovers during the fall and winter.

My mother and father were very close to several families in the neighborhood, namely the Lynch's and the Wolfe's. All of the kids were friends and played well together. My dad played racquetball with the fathers and my mom hung out during the day, and on weekends without my dad, with the moms. We were all very close.

Midway through this perfection, though, lives shifted and everything changed. And, eventually the Lynch's moved to Delaware and the Wolfe's moved to California. While the moms all remained friends through my college years, the kids all went in different directions: growing up and growing apart.

Jacking around on facebook one day, I stumbled upon Heather and Josh Lynch. (Heather was my age in school, Josh was Kerry's age.) Josh mentioned something on his page about moving to York, PA for 6 weeks for a project he was working on, so I asked him if he wanted to come down to Baltimore for dinner. I never actually thought he would come to Baltimore, but I thought if he did, hanging out with him would be a fabulous break from my graduate work, which was beginning to make me crazy. He ended up coming down to Baltimore twice during his last week in York and we had a great time together . . . Now Josh and I are really close.

It's been such an amazing experience to reconnect with a childhood friend after 28 years.

See? Facebook isn't always a massive waste of time . . .