10 October 2009

YMF Orientation . . .

This week we had student orientation at Wide Angle Youth Media, my internship site for my graduate program. I am the Festival Instructor. I teach with Siobhan Marie and David Sloan. On Wednesday night, I held a book deconstruction/reconstruction workshop for the students. On Thursday,
we had a party! The instructors cooked breakfast-for-dinner for the students: we had chocolate chip pancakes--complete with syrup and whipped cream, bacon, and fruit salad. David and Siobhan led the students in storyboarding and shooting a new intro for BeMore TV. And, I taught the students how to transform space with a simple technique: finger weaving. We all had such a great time! I am looking forward to working with all of my students at Wide Angle Youth Media.

2010's Youth Media Festival is going to rock the house!

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