07 September 2009

Fabric helicopter update.

Remember when I mentioned that I was doing creative research on helicopters?

Well, here's where I'm at!

I have built all of the elements of two helicopters (hoping for three by the 14th). They will hang from the ceiling in a birdlike formation. I want to make the propellers look like they are dancing in the air, strung up at different heights. The underbellies of the helicopters say "Make Believe".

These helicopters will be featured in a show at MICA that opens on September 25th.

Below is the green one, in process.

This is after the fabric has been cut and laid out. I have pinned all of the pieces inside out and they are ready to hit the sewing machine. Each helicopter has three propellers, three top pieces, two main pieces, one tail, and one "tongue".

This is picture of the three top pieces stuffed and attached to the top of the helicopter, right above where the propellers join together. More paint and accessories will be added later.

Stuffing the propellers.

Stitching up the propellers.

Here is the layout of how the items will look when put together, before paint and accessories.

Next up, added texture through paint! And, what will these things look like when they are hanging in the air?!!

Stay tuned!

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