22 August 2009

Summer's End, Books I've read . . .

Since about a month before this graduate program began, we have had assigned reading. And--quite honestly--I've enjoyed it all, even though I've had to power-through a few of the books to get them finished in a timely manner . . . Some of them are quite sad, but still fodder for thought. Take a look!

Here is our reading list for June - August:

Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol

Amazing Grace, Jonathan Kozol

The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits, John McNight

A Pedagogy for Liberation: Dialogues on Transforming Education, Ira Shor & Paulo Freire

Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals, Saul Alinsky

Classroom Discipline 101: How to Get Control of ANY Classroom, Craig Seganti

You Can Handle Them All: A Discipline Model for Handling 124 Student Behaviors at School and at Home, Robert L. DeBruyn & Jack L.Larson

Activists Speak Out, Marie Cieri & Claire Peeps

Mixed Blessings, Lucy R. Lippard

You Should Have Been Here Yesterday, Elaine Eff

Make the Impossible Possible, Bill Strickland

Doing Oral History, Donald A. Ritchie

Radio: An Illustrated Guide, Jessica Abel and Ira Glass

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  1. can i borrow activists speak out and some others?