03 August 2009

Fall and Spring MICA Internship Site Secured . . .

Hooray for Wide Angle Youth Media!!

I will be the new Festival Instructor for Wide Angle Youth Media, beginning in September. The students at this site are awesome: always working towards the betterment of their community!

Wide Angle Youth Media is a 501c3 non-profit that provides Baltimore youth with opportunities to tell their own stories using video technology, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. Through after school programs, community events, an annual Who Are You? Youth Media Festival, and a youth-run television show, Wide Angle strives to make media make a difference.

Wide Angle Youth Media serves more than 500 youth and 10,000 audience members each year. They offer workshops, presentations, and community events for youth in grades 5-12, and their communities of educators, families, and supporters.

Make media. Make a difference!!

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