04 June 2009

Part I: Goodbye Austin!!

Last week in Austin!! Full of all kinds of excitement . . .

The week started off at the movies! Doug and I went to see Up. A beautiful film, wonderful love story--everyone should see it! Made me think of all sorts of things I will miss when I move . . . Some of which are pictured here . . .

People often ask me why I get up so early in the mornings. This is why. We live in a neighborhood surrounded by fields. So, it feels like we are the lucky ones to see the sun rise first . . . I will miss my morning time, here in Austin.

LinkThis is Tegue. His mother is a good friend of mine over at the College of Fine Arts. I was fortunate to babysit this little guy over the past few months. I got to watch him learn to walk and helped him to say profound things like, "book" and "all done". He's an absolute joy!

Pictured below are dear friends of mine at UT (see Tegue's mother on the left!!). All of them helped to keep me focused on graduate school. Ann M. helped to keep me employed in a variety of ways. Shane, my adviser and confidant, has known me for close to 15 years--which makes me feel super old! And, Ann P. showed up at just the right time to help steer me in the right direction!!

I can not thank them enough!! I miss them already!!

And, I sold ol' Gilmore. She will most likely be stripped for parts, but at least she is doing her part to recycle!! She was a great car over the past two years!! Volvos rock!!

Oliver turned three this week. Liam turns 2 in October--can you believe it? Where does the time go? Oh, my nephews!! Where would I be without them!! Behold the cuteness!!

LinkLinkAfter attempting to groom Charlotte myself and failing miserably, I decided to partake in some solitary activities. I made homemade tortillas and hummingbird feeder food. I also reignited my love for Chaka Khan.

Doug and I watched American Hardcore last night--which rocked my socks off--and, we are having old friends over to visit tonight. We will be ready to leave come this time tomorrow . . . Baltimore or bust!!

Onward and upward, I say!!

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