22 January 2018

Tutorials: #madewithcakecrush!

In November, I began making short tutorial videos featuring simple projects and techniques as an easy and fun way to encourage people all over to make more things with their hands. My current students could engage their creativity on rainy day weekends, my nephews and their friends could make things while my sister was studying, and my students overseas could stay in touch with me as an art education practitioner

I went about making these tutorials in two different ways, and I'm curious what you think! One way was for me to set up my workspace and talk and make and record at the same time, and edit everything later. The second way I went about making these tutorials was to make everything on camera in silence and create a voice-over track describing the process later on, during the editing process. 

Creatively I loved the voice-over versions much better than the other. It was fun to sort of write a script while watching the making take place. I also noticed that these voice-over videos were more tightly produced and shorter in length--all good things when competing with 2018 attention spans!

In this short post, I have included three tutorials for you all to try out: Panda Pendants, Fingerweaving, and Felt Funzies. My friend Emma helped out with the Panda Pendants in Wisconsin. And my sweet nephew and his friend sent me pictures of their experiences with the Fingerweaving tutorial. 

Now it's your turn! What do you think? 

I will be releasing new videos twice monthly, so keep an eye out on my YouTube channel. Remember to let me know what you think about these tutorials in the comments section below. And if you make anything using these videos, please hashtag them on Facebook or Instagram or wherever: #madewithcakecrush. Enjoy! Go. Make. Fun. 🎉

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