14 August 2017

Road Trip 2017 With Cat Rigby . . .

Over the course of 3 weeks, my cat Rigby and I drove from Florida to Tennessee (12 hours), Tennessee to Texas (13 hours), and Texas back to Florida (18 hours). We stayed in 4 studios and 1 hotel room in three different states. Rigby met new people and animals, and I got to visit with some of my besties. We drove through rain, sun, and wind. And put about 8,000 miles on my new little car. 


While in Tennessee, I visited three different farms—one all the way up in Kentucky—and explored a major art museum where I saw three very complete and inspirational shows. I drove myself around on a self-guided mural tour, and I learned about new artwork being produced by my friends. I booked a 6-week gallery show for my art making, complete with a talk and workshop, for spring 2018, and I taught a weeklong art camp with one of my dearest friends, Emily, at the University School of Nashville that featured art and food from different regions around the United States. Our art camp was called Road Trip, and we “visited” New York, Illinois, Florida, California, and Louisiana. I ate lots and lots and lots of incredible meals! But one in particular dinner was shared with my mentor and her wonderful family in their beautiful backyard. Our conversation flowed seamlessly between art and culture, unexpected tragedies and The Weeknd. And three different times during the 7 days I was in Nashville, my birthday was celebrated!! Yeehaw!!

#1. Gower House Pottery in West Nash

#2. Emily and Chris's House off Nolesville

I was featured on Porter Flea's IG Story. Un-showered and sans makeup, might I add. We had a blast visiting with sellers at this market! Their summer event is always so much fun!


Self-guided mural tour around Music City--so much amazing art!!

University School of Nashville: Road Trip Art Camp

(Our camp was heavily inspired by this fabulous illustration created by Lisa Congdon.)

*  *  *  *  *  *

Nashville also celebrated Pride while I was there, but I was unable to participate in any of the festivities. But it looked like a good ol' time!!

A visit to Kelly's Tramp Lamp studio. She's the best, and a lifelong friend!

Emily took me to a new little BBQ joint for my birthday. Man o' live! The food in Nashville is to die for. We had Jeni's for dessert!  

Visiting Ms. Kate. Her littles are the best littles around! And she's started a new business . . . Have a look-see!! 

Little Seed Farm in Lebanon, TN

Lakshmi Farms in Anchorage, KY

Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Visiting With my Most Favorite Art Teacher: Camilla Spadafino


While in Texas, I visited sites and friends of my younger self. Rigby and I stayed in Houston for 5 days with my friend—and the most wonderful painter—Wes Holloway. I took a day trip to Austin where I visited the outdoor graffiti gallery called HOPE, walked around the art building at The University of Texas at Austin, ate lunch with Wendy Cook, had a beautiful mid-day chat with my buddy Bob Schmidt—complete with chickens, and capped off the day with my high school chum, Debbie Tolany. In Houston, Wes and I went to The Orange Show, spoke with a mosaic artist about her practice, visited a giant museum featuring two HUGE and thought-provoking shows, hung out in a home-based gallery, and met peeps for drinks and pizza at Axelrad. I missed out on seeing a lot of people in the Houston/Austin area, so plans are being made to come back! (Ahem: Doris, cousin Cathi, and Jennifer.) 

#3 Wes Holloway's Casa in Houston


HOPE Outdoor Gallery 

*  *  *  *  *

Bob's House

Hopping About Houston with Wes

*  *  *  *  * 

#4. Arsenal Design in Dallas

In Dallas, we stayed at my community college buddy Mark’s house. He and his wife Audra, and their kiddos, are wonderful peoples! I helped my mom pack up some of her house for a big move: in one day, we took 3 giant loads to Goodwill and emptied out the kitchen and living area. I got to hang with the nephews, mocking pictures of my middle and high school years. To see me off, Mark and his incredibly loving family hosted a wonderful BBQ where we all ate steak. During said BBQ, I exclaimed something about being a “gentlemanly woman” and nearly choked to death on my steak. (This is honestly unexplainable, but I couldn’t stop laughing about it.) Following dinner, he showed me around his fascinating design studio and the next morning I left for Florida.

Mom's House in Plano, TX


#5. Hotel Room in Tallahassee

Up Next: a teacher feature interview with Kelly McNeil, a tech and design teacher, at All Saints Academy.

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