22 January 2017

Women's March for Social Justice: Saint Petersburg, Florida!

This is a mostly image only post. I thought I would share some of the pictures I shot from yesterday's glorious Women's March event!

The above quote is from Coretta Scott King. I posted this image--borrowed from the @womensmarch's IG-- yesterday morning, as I was preparing for the march. This quote moved me to tears and invigorated myself/my soul for this experience. I marched in Saint Petersburg, Florida with two friends of mine; one of them, part of my graduate school cohort at MICA (you can see our picture a few knots below). 20,000 people showed up to Demens Landing in St. Pete. It was the largest activist gathering in that little beach town's history. What an incredible community happening to be a part of! 

The last image on this post is from my friend, Reggie Black. On occasion he posts musings via sticky notes. I thought this one was particularly topical for this weekend. Check out his sticky inspiration here.

The second to last image is an arial shot of the march in Saint Petersburg taken by a local real estate guy named Hal Freedman from a condo above. He posted the image on FB, and it went viral . . .  

I have also posted Aziz Ansari's monologue from the opening of last night's Saturday Night Live. I feel like he says so eloquently what a lot of us are thinking about.

Enjoy these pictures! Let's keep the energy going!!


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