29 November 2016

Art For Kids Hub! YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!

On occasion, I use a video series on YouTube to guide my students with drawing in their sketchbooks. The channel I use is called Art For Kids Hub and contains hundreds of videos of a dad and one of his three kids drawing various things in a step-by-step manner. My students absolutely love doing drawings with Mr. Rob, who hails from Utah.

The channel lets you search subjects by holiday, seasons of the year, drawing level (age), or cartoon character name. Generally speaking, I use videos like these on days just before a big holiday or during testing, when a large group of students may be gone from class.

I believe that art class is not for only heightening creative skills. There is so much more that goes into teaching creative skills to students! In my art classroom, I aim to enhance a young person’s listening skills, observing skills, and hand/eye coordination. Doing these video step-by-steps help students to become aware of what shapes are needed to create specific things: how does an owl get drawn to really look like an owl? They have to listen and watch to see how a drawing is realized. It’s not a quick process. So, these videos also help to establish patience in my students.

And, Mr. Rob is awesome!! He’s really great at explaining shapes and lines, and how to create texture with shading and layering. He always draws with a Sharpie marker. So, occasionally I give my students an added challenge, and take away their erasers. Can they listen and follow instructions and turn their *perceived* oops into a wow

My students love him! Absolutely LOVE him!

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