25 October 2014

PERTH #1: Where I stayed . . .

I recently went to Perth and stayed at one of the most loveliest of places . . . I found Rusty Hollow on AirBNB and it was absolutely filled with charm. Not only was my space in a restored train car, but the train car was located on a hobby farm. The people who own the property raise chickens (for eggs), turkeys, cows (for milk), and bees. And they make their own honey, cheese, jams, orange juice, breads, you name it. I was in heaven!

When I arrived, I let myself in and the entire train car smelled of fresh baked bread. And sure enough, there it was on the counter. It was next to a basket of oranges from their humble orange grove, a jar of honey from their bees, fresh eggs (a variety of sizes and colors), and—in the fridge—a jar of fresh made mulberry jam. I turned on the heater because it was a glorious 12 degrees celsius outside and sliced myself a piece of warm bread. Heaven.

The next morning I woke up and made some coffee (the beans were roasted on their farm as well) and I noticed the Mrs. walking up to the train car with a basket in her hands. She came to show me her new little chicks. She was taking them out to the coop to live with the big chickens. I even got to hold one, which delighted me to no end. She pointed out where the bikes were and I got to meet their Borgi (Border Collie/Corgi), Pip! 

I spent my mornings and afternoons on their lovely farm talking to the cows, chasing the chickens and turkeys, and being inspired by the Australian bush that surrounded me. The sky was clear and the brightest blue I had ever seen. And at night, there were stars! The sun set in front of my little train car, and when it did, it was completely pitch black outside. It was marvelous.

The Mr. of the property is a metal artist. He makes giant sculptures and his shop is right down the road a bit from the train car I was staying in. Interesting metal bits and pieces scattered the property. And on my last day there, he had filled up his truck with items to take to an art fair: an amazing array of large pieces, including a beautiful table!

The whole time I was there, I kept telling them that they needed to make this property into an artist residency. It would be an incredible space for anyone to work! They mentioned something about a gypsy caravan in the near future . . . Here’s hoping! Fingers crossed!!

STAY TUNED FOR PERTH #2: What I did . . . 


  1. wow! stunningly simple and so beautiful. That would be a great residency!

    1. Here's hoping! Hope you are doing well! I miss you and T like crazy! :)

  2. This place is amazing. I adore the cow! It would make a fabulous residency. Thanks for brightening my day!

    1. Hooray for things! It was an amazing place to stay . . . I can't wait to go back!