07 September 2014

Pure Energy . . .

I get really stressed out sometimes. I'm pretty good at masking it, but it rears it's ugly head in other ways: sleepless nights, weird nightmares involving wild animals, and solitude. 

This past week I had several things happening all at once and the stress was coming on full blown. My graduate school life, teaching life, personal life, and creative life all collided. But instead of going a bit crazy on the inside, I turned my attention to music.

Music--as you might have picked up on by this post and that one--is my go to . . . It infuses me with energy, excitement, passion, ideas, thoughtfulness, and confidence. The following videos are some of my favorite videos to go to when I'm feeling a bit lethargic and overwhelmed. And they pick me right back up--almost instantly!

This list was compiled by videos I absolutely love combined with a few thrown in that my students are constantly requesting. Sometimes something that reminds me of all of the little people in my life is all I need to keep me focused! 

(While these videos have been completely censored by Singapore's YouTube, some of them still have questionable language and situations . . . Just FYI peeps. Have fun!)

See how great Macklemore & Lewis are live? Now watch the actual video for this song: it's incredibly beautiful!!

I first heard this song when Lil Wayne performed it on Saturday Night Live. The energy he put into this performance completely sent me over the top. Here I share the actual video (above) and a clip from his performance on SNL (below).

When all of the craziness subsides, look for upcoming posts on past projects with students, community projects, tutorials, travels, and community workshops. Keep your energy up and #gomakefun! More soon . . . 

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