11 July 2013

Buoyant Echo, Phase 1 . . . Kentucky.

MAIN GALLERY In this space, there is a large elephant sculpture created with the help of Randall Erskine, two altar pieces (complete with kneeling pads), and 14 photographs. Strands of fabric float throughout the space, casting birdlike shadows on the walls. The entire show is a reflection of my first year living in Singapore. 

Check out the super awesome shadow cast by the elephant piece: speaks of Asian architecture, don't you think? Happy surprise!

(This is the first time I have ever included my photographs in a show.)

CHILDREN'S GALLERY In the gallery across the lobby, I hung up banners created by local young people in a workshop I held with my friend Corey on June 17 (the day after I landed back in the States from Singapore). There is also a larger altar in this space, strands of fabric, and photographs taken during the workshop. 

Sound pieces are included in both galleries and can be accessed by a smart phone.

Check out David, Beth, and Megan helping to secure work and make sure both shows get hung in a day's time. I could not have done this without their fabulous and efficient assistance!

The show is up at SKyPAC through August. It's worth the trip, wherever you are! 


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