19 May 2013

The Big Deity Across The Street . . .

Across the street from my house is the most amazing Buddhist temple, Sri Lankaramaya. It's the oldest Theravada temple in Singapore. It is a spiritual center and thriving monastery. Inside this magical place is a 45 foot reclining buddha. 

On Friday May 24th, the whole city will be celebrating a day of Buddha, or Vesak Day. I have the day off from work and will be painting beautiful lanterns with friends. In celebration of this big holiday to come, I thought I would show you some images of the reclining deity. It's truly awe inspiring to be in front of this statue. I ducked inside to take these images while walking home from school in February. 

The temple has been completely decorated inside and out for Friday's big celebration. But I'm saving those images for a future post . . . Can't wait to share more about this exciting and beautiful holiday. Have a peaceful week!

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