09 September 2012

This Week In Review . . .

This past week started out with me buying my ticket for Fall Break to see my friend Katti in the Philippines. I can't even explain to you how happy it makes me to be taking this trip! When we were in graduate school together, we joked about me coming to see her. I don't think either of us thought that would ever become a reality. And, yet--almost 3 years later--here I am making the trip! While I am thoroughly excited to see Katti & meet her friends and family, I am almost just as excited to see the beaches! They are rumored to be some of the best in the world!

Here we are on a very cold day in Baltimore. Feels like it was just yesterday!! (And, hey! Look at my hair! That's how it's supposed to look--not like it does here in Singapore.)

This past week I also bought contacts. For-a-year-and-a-half-for-$114-without-having-to-see-and-pay-to-see-an-eye-doctor-first. They simply took my prescription and gave me my contacts. Finally, the way it should be.

I have also started taking yoga at Bikram Yoga City Hall. I go at least 4 times a week. Originally I signed up to try and combat my lower back pain. But it's also proving to give me lots and lots of energy, too, which is great for teaching. 105 degrees never felt so amazing! 

Along with getting new contacts, I realized I needed something to shade me from the sun (the sun shines bright and hot for 12 months solid). Since I hadn't been able to buy sunglasses whilst wearing my glasses, I decided to go all out and get a really nice pair. I LOVE them!

After yoga on Friday, I met my friend Dhivya for dinner in Little India. The food was incredible, as usual. But then we decided to go for Nutella milkshakes. Tiny ones. At a place called Make Shake. Serious bliss.

And their tip jar sealed the deal:  "Every time you tip, Justin Bieber gets a slap to the face." While I have never been a huge fan of J. Biebs, I do have a certain fondness for his most recent hit. I have a thing for solid black guitars and gold high-tops, what can I say? 

On Saturday, after meeting our friend Heather for lunch, Dhivya and I went shopping on our way to Cheryl's house.  Remember:  I hate shopping. But, when in Rome (Singapore), do as the Romans (Singaporeans) do.

I bought an orange dress, the most comfortable flip-flops known to mankind, an owl cuff bracelet, and a large bronze cat ring. Hooray for new things! 

When we finally got to Cheryl's, I had a large task at hand.  I was installing her new dandelion decal. It took about an hour to install. And, it looks absolutely fabulous! I just love it!!  I can't stop thinking about future art projects:  oh, the possibilities with vinyl . . . Let me cut my own shapes. Pretty, pretty please! And let's make things happen!!

We ended the night at what's becoming our weekly hangout,  Piedra Negra. 2 Californians and 1 Texan:  you ought to know we would end up loving a Mexican food joint. Why, yes . . . I think I will have a Mojito, thank you very much.

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