23 June 2011

The KIPP Academy: De-co/Re-co Stuffed Animals . . .

A great project idea from my friend and mentor, Margaret Meehan! Enjoy!!

1. Show them a PPT of artists using hard/soft materials, or literally stuffed animals: Mike Kelly, Kathryn Spence, Annette Messanger.

2. Bring stuffed animals to the class and pile them in the center of the room.

3. Make drawings based on the pile of stuffed animals. Make sure to have at least 2 stuffed animals per student. Draw 1 stuffed animal in 1 color, then rotate the paper 90 degrees and draw the same stuffed animal exactly in another color, then rotate it again and draw again in a 3rd color. "Lovely line drawings that start to talk about abstraction!"

4. The students build their sculptures off of their drawings.

Stuffed animals
embroidery thread and needles
hot glue
wooden blocks and dowels
colored pencils

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