10 October 2010

For The Win.

So I kind of pride myself on late 80s/early 90s pop music. I'm not necessarily proud of this, but it was a pivotal point in my musical upbringing, so I remember a lot from this time period. And, when someone challenges my knowledge of, say, Paula Abdul, I'm happy to oblige.

Josh bet me a home-cooked meal that the title lyric to Ms. Abdul's song was "cold hearted slave". Please. The correct lyric is "cold hearted snake". I mean, I had the vhs of all of her videos in 10th grade and I watched MTV almost every waking hour of every day. I knew the dance featured in the video like the back of my hand . . . I had this in the bag: I got this.

So, la-ti-da . . . I won a meal!!
Rosemary Potatoes
Tenderloin steak marinated in Italian Dressing
Fresh Greens
It was super-fantastic: Josh is a great cook! I'm completely spoiled!

The Head Chef and the Sous Chef shake: congratulations on a job well done.

And, the Chef's to-do list . . . How's about that last task??!


  1. Title: Cold Hearted. Lyric: Cold Hearted Snake.

  2. I think he just wanted you to swoon over his cooking. Everybody knows it's not 'slave'. Except maybe Neil; I may have to try this wager on him.

  3. Hilarious comment, Wen. Hope you are well! Hugs to all!! XOXOXO!